By the due date assigned, post your response of at least 150-200 words to the Di

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Dec 16, 2022


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By the due date assigned, post your response of at least 150-200 words to the Discussion Area. By the end of the week, comment on at least two of your classmates’ submissions.
Before beginning this assignment, read the following 10-minute plays: What Are You Going To Be?, Magic 8 Ball, The Blizzard and Zombie Love.
Prompt: Choose ONE PLAY to discuss. Then, choose ONE CHARACTER to discuss. In a well-developed paragraphs, discuss the character, analyzing elements such as the person’s actions, conflicts, and motivations. Include examples and at least one quotation from the play as supporting evidence.
Tips: Remember to provide evidence for your claims in the form of examples and at least one quoted passage from the play. Quotations, paraphrases, and summaries should be cited according to APA style, including in-text and reference citations. Check grammar and spelling before posting. Post directly to the discussion; do not attach a document.
Resource: Refresher on Character
A reader or viewer of a play can learn about a character in a number of ways. Here are some questions to think about before publishing your response:
Dialogue/monologue – How do the words the character says reveal information about who he/she is? Does the character have a noticeable speech pattern? Does the character’s use of language reveal his/her emotional state? What is revealed through what others say about the character?
Action – What is shown through the character’s actions or lack of action?
Stage directions/movement/props – What is revealed through the character’s placement on the stage, movements, and use of props?
Relationships/interactions – What is understood about the character through relationships and interactions with other characters?
Development – Does the character grow and change during the play, or is the character static and unchanged? How developed or round is the character?
Role – Is this character the narrator? If so, is he/she reliable or unreliable?
Provided below is the play of Magic 8 ball:
ELIZABETH and MELISSA are both twenty years old. They are nice girls who grew up well and attend college. They are dressed in somewhat sexy nighties that don’t quite flatter them but were probably quite expensive from Victoria’s Secret or somewhere else at the mall. They have North Dakota accents.
SETTING: This scriipt was created for the Tiny Theater Festival at the Brick Theater where the pieces were performed in a 6’ x 6’ x 6’ box constructed of PVC pipe — performers and scenic elements were instructed to not exist outside the box at any point during each piece.
The Magic 8 Ball is about 500x larger than the regular toy ones, and it will be used as a device to add in movement. When the characters shake the magic 8 ball they are moving together. The movement is non-literal.
Lights up on a 20 year old girl’s bedroom.
OFF STAGE VOICE: The Magic 8 Ball is a hollow plastic sphere resembling an oversized, black and white 8-ball. Inside is a cylindrical reservoir containing a white, plastic, icosahedral die floating in alcohol with dissolved dark blue dye. A random selection device comprising a sealed container having relatively flat window means at least a portion of which is adapted to be substantially horizontally disposed.
Melissa and Elizabeth, both 20, in sexy ill-fitting pajamas play with a giant Magic 8 ball. They take sexy pics of themselves with their smart phones.
MELISSA: I’m at odds. But I don’t know if l should believe in this thing. I know. Oh jeez, ok I know to trust you. I could just trust you couldn’t I? Right. I know. I don’t know what to ask. (Pause.) I do. I do know what to ask. Ready? Do you.
ELIZABETH: (interrupting) You have to call it Magic 8 Ball, the first time, it doesn’t start to work unless you conjure it by name.
MELISSA: Right. Magic 8 Ball, do you predict the future? (She shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: It is decidedly so.
ELIZABETH: See I told you so. Watch me. You can get creative with it. Like, am I going to have 4 children with Bradley? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Better not tell you now.
ELIZABETH: Dam. See? It’s too clever.
MELISSA: Uh, you probably won’t even know Bradley’s name by the time you’re old enough to have a kid. No. 20’s not old enough. It’s not. Am I going to have kids? No, wait, better, am I the spinster type? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: You may rely on it.
MELISSA: Huh. Is that an answer to the first question or the second? I guess we have to defer to the latter right? Yeah. Aw jeez.
ELIZABETH: I think you can still have kids if you’re a spinster these days.
MELISSA: Oh yeah? Thanks. You go.
ELIZABETH: Should we order pizza? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: My reply is no.
MELISSA: Oh yeah, looking out for our best interest. And our thighs.
MELISSA: We should ask it something important.
ELIZABETH: Oh yeah, like something meaningful.
MELISSA: Yeah. Will the world end in our lifetime? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Reply hazy, try again.
ELIZABETH: That question is confusing to me and I’m a human. I think if you’re a crystal ball you like to keep it simple.
MELISSA: Oh yeah. Okay. Will we be friends with the robots? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: My sources say no.
MELISSA: Oh darn.
ELIZABETH: We’re not going to like the robots and they’re not going to like us. Boring. And predictable! Gosh there’s so much I need to know. Is Bradley desperately in love with me? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: As I see it, yes.
MELISSA: As I see it? That’s very non-committal.
ELIZABETH: Is he going to propose? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: As I see it, yes.
ELIZABETH: Oh yeah, creepy, twice in the row!
MELISSA: Oh yeah? Did you shake it enough?
ELIZABETH: Um, yeah. Will he do it tomorrow? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Don’t count on it.
ELIZABETH: The next day? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Outlook not so good.
ELIZABETH: Darnit! The day after that? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Signs point to yes.
ELIZABETH: Uh, thank Gosh.
MELISSA: Magic 8 Ball is a mister and he’s leading you on.
ELIZABETH: I don’t care what you say! It’s true! I believe that it’s true. Do you want to ask about James?
MELISSA: No. No. I don’t want that to be tainted by voodoo.
ELIZABETH: Don’t you want to know if you are going to die together?
MELISSA: You think Magic 8 Ball can tell me that?
ELIZABETH: Yes, obviously. Magic 8 Ball, are me and Bradley going to die together on the same day in our sleep on the same porch swing? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Concentrate and ask again.
ELIZABETH: Magic 8 Ball, are me and Bradley going to die together? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Cannot predict now.
MELISSA: Oh jeez, well that’s smart. Magic 8 Ball, are you wise and all-knowing? I mean, do you give good advice?
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Yes — definitely.
MELISSA: Then why are you lying to Elizabeth about Bradley like this? (shakes the ball)
ELIZABETH: What do you mean?!
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Ask again later.
MELISSA: Oh ok, fair enough, but will you at least admit that you know very well that Bradley and James have discovered this past weekend that they like to have sex with each other better than us and that’s why they haven’t even responded to our text pics of us in our new fabulous nighties? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: It is certain.
ELIZABETH: What! No! You liar! Magic 8 Ball you lie!
MELISSA: Oh yeah? Is Elizabeth going to blame me for this? Specifically according to what you once referred to as my gangly lack of sex appeal? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Without a doubt.
ELIZABETH: Of course it’s because of your chopsticks for legs!
MELISSA: Is Elizabeth going to find a new boyfriend first or am I? Oh, wait that’s not a yes or no question. Oh jeez. Am I going to fall in real love first, before Elizabeth? (shakes the ball)
ELIZABETH: It’s totally broken!
MELISSA: Oh yeah? Is Elizabeth going to give up on love after her next boyfriend goes gay too? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Most likely.
ELIZABETH: Is Melissa going to be sad when I fling myself from the roof and fall splat on the asphalt? (shakes the ball)
MELISSA: Oh jeez. Oh crap. Of course I would be devastated!
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Very doubtful.
ELIZABETH: That’s it. Now I have absolutely no way of predicting anything.
MELISSA: Dear Magic 8 Ball, will we be able to find happiness without knowing what’s predetermined even if our poor boyfriends like each other more than they like us? (shakes the ball)
MAGIC 8 BALL V.O.: Outlook good.
OFF STAGE VOICE: A single transparent, fluid bubble is formed in the liquid between the face carrying the displayed insignia and the horizontal portion of the window, said single bubble having a predetermined volume such that substantially the entire face carrying the displayed insignia can be viewed through the bubble and the horizontally disposed portion of the window.
End of Play
Peacock, S. (Ed.). (2021). Gale College Collection Anthology. Gale Literature Classics.


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